Research Topics

The Centre’s research topics

Secure Internet Infrastructures

Enhancing the security of the Web

Physical Object Authentication

Securely authenticating objects in the physical world into the digital world

Our centre seeks to develop robust and reliable authentication systems for entities in the real-world environment. The primary focus is understanding the distinctive traits that make unique an entity in the physical world and exploring the feasibility of creating reliable machine learning systems that can authenticate entities using only pictures from a smartphone camera.

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Formal Verification in the Centre for Cyber Trust

Learn how we apply and advance Formal Verification in the Centre

In contrast to testing, formal verification ensures the correctness and security of software by constructing mathematical proofs that consider all possible executions of a program, even in the presence of a malicious attacker. Verification is thus a rigorous technique to increase trust in software. Our centre applies verification both to software designs and to concrete programs. On both levels, we advance verification techniques and tools, and apply them to the solutions developed in the centre such as SOAP and ADEM.

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Secure Messaging Research

Secure messaging has brought end-to-end encryption to the masses. At the Centre, we close key security gaps with the end-user in focus.

Secure messaging has brought end-to-end encryption to the masses, but there is a key loophole in the security architecture of modern messaging applications: the authenticity of the keys being used. At the Centre for Cyber Trust, we made two proposals to strengthen key authentication, underpinning our solutions with insightful usability research.

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