On the 3rd of November, the ICRC held a launch event for their report ‘Digitalizing the Red Cross, Red Crescent and Red Crystal Emblems’. We, the Centre for Cyber Trust, were honored to co-author this report and present our design an Authentic Digital Emblem (ADEM) in the report’s appendix.

The report is a result of well over two years of work on a digital emblem. We started detailing a digital emblem’s requirements together with the ICRC, sketched a first system idea that later evolved into ADEM, and presented our work to a wide range of international experts who provided valuable and positive feedback on our design.

In their report, the ICRC concludes: “Based on the research and consultations conducted as part of this project, the generally positive feedback received from the international group of experts, and the unanimous encouragement of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement ‘to continue researching the technical feasibility of a digital emblem … and assess the benefits of such an emblem’, the ICRC will continue research and consultation on a possible ‘digital emblem’.”

We as the Centre for Cyber Trust are proud that we are able to contribute to this positive outcome of two years of discussions and are excited about the way forward for a digital emblem.

Read more about the report or download it in full here.


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