Centre for Cyber Trust

Transfering Trust from the Real to Digital World

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We all use the Internet for our personal and business communications, but we are all too happy to crowd out the terrifying truth: the Internet can be crippled by criminals and hostile states, even by individual companies, in no time at all.

At the Center for Cyber Trust, we work on solutions that increase trust, sovereignty, and transparency of the modern Internet, digital communication, and digital interactions. A basic principle of our solutions are the close connection between the physical and the digital world. On the one hand, we use verifiable facts of the physical world as the basis for relationships of trust in the digital world; On the other hand, we also use the new security mechanisms of the digital world to secure conventional, physical communication.

The Center for Cyber Trust is founded by the Werner Siemens-Stiftung (WSS). Learn more about our project on the WSS’s project page.



Research Topics

The Centre’s research topics


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Members of the Centre

The Centre comprises four research groups from two different institutions; ETH Zurich and University of Bonn. Information Security Group (ETH Zurich) Prof. Dr. David Basin Felix Linker Mihael Liskij Jesus Solano Programming Methodology Group (ETH Zurich) Prof. Dr. Peter Müller Linard Arquint Nicolas Ray Klose Dr. Malte Schwerhoff Felix Wolf Network Security Group (ETH Zurich) Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig Juan A. García-Pardo Christelle Gloor Cyrill Krähenbühl Usable Security and Privacy (Bonn)

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